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GeneAlign PGx Genetic Testing Mission

GeneAlign PGx Genetic Testing mission is to improve patient care by providing quality lab testing services, optimal therapy, reducing traditional trial and error approaches to prescribing medication, reducing adverse drug reactions, improving the selection of drug targeting, and improving drug compliance while providing healthcare professionals with the first user-friendly reporting for genetic, toxicology and pharmacogenetic testing.

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Our In-House Reference Lab

PinPoint Clinical is our in-house PGx testing services reference lab where clinicians can send their patients’ DNA samples for pharmacogenetic analysis.

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Create Your Own PGx Testing Lab

We provide a complete turnkey solution to create your own PGx testing lab implementation for reference labs, physician-owned labs, and hospital-owned labs.

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Our Five Testing Panels

We currently have five testing panels for patients taking medications for cardiovascular health, psychiatric health, ....pain management, pain and psychiatric, and a comprehensive panel which covers all the tests offered with our individual panels.

Pain Panel

Assists clinicians in the targeted selection of medication used to treat patients with acute and chronic pain.

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Psych Panel

Optimizes medication selection through PGx-based decision support and achieving optimal therapeutic benefit.

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Cardiovascular Panel

Physicians can ensure that their patients are getting the treatment they need for better heart health.

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Pain and Psych Panel

Determine the safest & most effective drugs in treatment of Pain and Psychiatric medicine.

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Comprehensive Panel

We combined our three individual panels (Pain, Psych and Cardio) to form a "Personalize Medicine Panel".

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With accurate, actionable data clinicians can select the ideal therapeutic treatments for their patients.

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