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PilotCare iOS and Android Mobile App by GeneAlign, LLC

PilotCare is a free app to facilitate the engagement of patients in a secure setting. The application allows the retrieval of a patient’s reports along with beneficial patient education relating to reports.
PilotCare also allows the tracking of a patient’s medications and the pharmacogenomic severity of those medications (for those patients with a PGX report).

PilotCare iOS and Android Mobile App by GeneAlign, LLC    PilotCare iOS and Android Mobile App by GeneAlign, LLC


How To Use The PilotCare Mobile App?

Why Should I Create An Account?

We ask you to create an account so that you can safely and securily get your report(s). While we might ask some personal information through create account process it is very important as we use some of the information to link you to your report.

Why Do I Need To Scan A Card?

The card that we ask you to scan, after you have created an account, is one of the last pieces of information that we use to safely and securily link you to your report. If you are having an issue scanning your card you can always contact us via email or phone (214) 444-9555 and we will help you scan your card.

How Do I Get To My Report?

Once you have scanned your card you will be able to access your report, if it is available, through the View My Cards section. You will see a report icon and text saying for example PGx Report, you will also be able to access the wealth of knowledge we provide on not only how to read your report but some educational items on what PGx is and why PGx is important. If you have other reports available you will see similar educational content geared toward those reports as well.

What Is "My Medicine Cabinet" For?

The "My Medicine Cabinet" is simply a way for you to track your prescriptions and see how it can effect you, for PGx test customers only. We are able to alert you to potential issues with your prescriptions based off your geneic profile as well as show you any potiental issues with drug to drug interactions. You can add or delete drugs from the list and see how the list updates. You can also search for the lowest prices in the area using the Milligram search featured located next to each drug in the list. The results we display in the app are not intended to be a substitute for clinical judgement by a licensed healthcare professional and should not be used as the sole means for clinical or patient management decisions.

What Is The Milligram Drug Search?

The Milligram Drug Search is a tool that will allow you to access a database containing where you can find perscriptions sorted by price and distance from your location. Just supply the Milligram search tool with your zipcode, the PilotCare app can help with that, and what perscription you are looking for, do not worry if you start typing we'll give you a list of perscription names to choose from. Once you find the one you are looking for the search results will include price, location, dosage and a link to a voucher that you can give to the pharmacist. Please read all of the information and disclaimer messaging on the voucher for any additional help.